Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Website Counter - StatCounter

When we talk about visitor traffics to our blog, apparently blogger will use counter service in order to track every counter on their blog. There are many counter services on internet, some are free and some are not. It's up to you if you want to use which counter is best suit to your requirement. But for me, free counter service is good enough. Oh, i want to be blunt to you, not every free internet services will give 100% free service. Normally, free is just for limited service. But if you want extra service (more setting, options), you must pay.

StatCounter is the good counter service that i want to explain now. Statcounter can provide you with quick access to some counter function on your blog. StatCounter have fulfill just right what i need. Its free. You just need to pay if you want more options (not quit useful for me actually).

More than that, statcounter have more advantage as below:

- you can display your counter or make it hidden. You can display statcounter logo only, maybe to support statcounter or want to tell your visitor that you blog have placed statcounter's cookies.

- you can block counter from certain IP. For example, you can block counter from your static ip if you want to get 100% counter is only from your visitor.

- you can easily monitor your blog's visitor by make observation on your counter statistic. You can make changes on that statistic graph as you want. Maybe you want to track unique visitor only or just want to know at certain days. Just make any changes if you want to.

- you have 500kB free storage for your cookies information for keyword analysis, visitors ip etc. If you want more storage, that's you need to pay.

Not forget to mention, when somebody open your blog/website, his computer will get little cookies from statcounter. I think this is safe cookies and it's just to get information from visitor's computer such as ip address, keyword match, unique/first time/returning visitors, etc. I have placed statcounter's logo in order to let my blog visitors know that my blog will give cookies from statcounter.

If you want to use StatCounter, please register first at StatCounter.com . Click on "add new project" in order to place counter on your blog. Then you will be given some option and setting to make your statcounter script. For example, what is your blog/website address, option to display/hide your counter, etc. I am pretty sure all these settings are very simple for any blogger.

For more information about StatCounter, you can visit here.


TyCo86 said...

kira jgn tak kira.. napa ari 2 ada bnyk script error time reload blog lue bro?

sufian said...

kalu nak kira pun sket jer..huhu. kalu rajin update, lebat la traffic aku.
error bila tu? kalu ada error, bagitau je kat shoutbox tu..

ps: minggu lepas cemas nak kena kuarantin pasal influenza tu

Anonymous said...

pian kau ilang mane.aku tgk skrg da jrg2 update.kata 2ari nk psg ternet da ok lom?wah cemasnya..nk kne kuarantin

sufian said...

ada ni..insyaAllah, masih bertahan .. hehe
nanti ada masa aku cuba terangkan.. :)

ramai yg balik oversea kat opis, ada yg kena influeza.. tu yg panik tu

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