Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pentium IV (4) Motherboard Is Still Available

Recently, my friend told me that his computer had a problem and want me to repair it. This computer problem occurred due to lightning. This is a normal problem to me, i'm sure his power supply part and motherboard would be defected. As a good helper ( :p ) , i still considered his financial problem.

First of all, i will check on motherboard and power supply - as i thought, all these parts was defected. Other parts still in good condition. Since he want very budgeted repairing price, i give my best to get same motherboard as match his old motherboard (socket 478). Surprisingly, motherboard P4 (Pentium IV) is still available at one computer shop only. The funny thing is this motherboard was assembled at Pakistan!!! I never heard about this.. heh

Then, i tried to fix this new motherboard. No problem. Fix all computer components and made some testings. Everything ok until POST (Power On Self Test) on boot process, aahhhh... what this error means!!!

"Auto - detecting USB Mass Storage Devices... 00 USB Mass Storage Devices found and configured."

Computer Hanging!!! I tried to relax and asked Mr Google on how to figure this error. So many solutions i found, but nothing works until i follow one solution from http://forums.whirlpool.net.au . I just used Secondary IDE for Hard Disk drive and CD-ROM drive. As a result, this computer back to normal and functional without any error. Hey, what about Primary IDE?? This Primary IDE slot is totally could not be used. Rugi maaaa...!!

So, the best things i want to conclude here:

1. If we want to upgrade our computer, please consider new spec especially motherboard. The best motherboard now must support Dual Core Processor, DDRII / III RAM, SATA, VSL, etc...

2. If our old computer got defected for any these three components, Motherboard / Processor / RAM , the budget price is almost to buy a new computer. All these three components must be upgraded also.

3. Try to avoid from buy any old computer parts, although these computer parts have warranty.

4. Please do not use your computer when raining or lightning occurs, also recommended to remove any plug cable or modem connections at this time.


SE86 said...

Pentium III pun still relevan lagi bro (hehehe)

sufian said...

relevan ngan budget..cuma tak cukup power je.. :p

papabear said...

that's why I bought fully assembled branded computer... haha

sufian said...

if you looking for easy, warranty and 100% compatible, then choose branded computer. If you like "godek" your pc performance or just have little budget, then choose clone!

E said...

bagusler ader member mcm ko ni prihatin dan memahami masalh member dan solved dgn bajet yg minima.

sufian said...

ye, tengok situasi financial member jugak..
kalu member dah kaya raya, aku tekan le bagi upgrade suma..haha

Uncle G said...

pakcik pon guna pc lama ja lagi kat rumah.... selalu rosak power suply je

sufian said...

saya dulu pun guna pc lama, tapi bila selalu tukar part, bila kira2 budget, dah bleh beli 2 pc baru..hehe

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