Thursday, August 20, 2009

Download Old TV Games

Do you remember our classic TV Games such as super mario bros 3, rockman, contra, shadow of the ninja, ninja gaiden, mike tyson punch out, ice climber, tiny toon, etc? Yeah, all these tv games make me grind sometimes.. I started to collect many of these games since 12 years old. It was very fun that i also can borrow and lend games among my friends, sharing knowledge how to win the game, sharing cheats and hidden tricks! I thought that i can pass all my tv games to my son someday, heh. Unfortunately, almost all of my games collection was lost and damaged!

I would not buy tv games anymore, besides all of these games are obsoleted! So, internet is the best alternetive ways that i used to find my favorite tv games. But we must use correct method, for example if we just key-in "video games" keyword on google, maybe we just get search result about companies selling latest video games.

Ok, i want to share how i find my tv games on internet. First, we must know our classic tv games are categorized as NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) games.

Second, we must know what is the emulator means. Emulation refers to the ability of a computer program or electronic device to imitiate another program or device. A hardware emulator is an emulator which takes the form of a hardware device. We can imagine that emulator is our tv games player device that connected to our tv. My favorite NES emulator is nester.

Third, we must know what is the rom name for our games. We could imagine ron is our tv game's cartridge. If we want to play Ninja Gaiden game, we must find rom for Ninja Gaiden NES, then play it with suitable NES emulator. Hope you can understand what i'm babbling about. My favorite NES roms source is

When using emulator, you must define your roms directory first. Then load which game that you want to play! The best thing about emulator is, we can save anytime/any stage when playing games.. I put some screenshot here hope you can follow my guide.
Thank you.

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