Monday, July 27, 2009

vsHub - Virtual Shopping Hub

Do you ever heard about vsHub? If you like to go on online shopping, well this is good company that you should know. vsHub, Virtual Shopping Hub provides delivery services for any tangible items that we have bought from United States. This company is located at Singapore, and will represent as buyer at US.

vsHub will make our online shopping at US very easy and we will get our purchased items delivered to our home! There are so many online shops / merchants at US, eg: Amazon, Coach, Forever21, Gap, Macys, etc..

Please understand about delivery process first as explained below:

Shop from any of the 300,000 online stores in the U.S.

Many of these American retailers do not ship to addresses outside of the U.S.. We need to have a U.S. shipping address to begin shopping. Just use our vsHub's U.S. address provided when we register as vsHub member. As a vsHub member with our own U.S. address, we can shop at any of the 300,000 online stores in the U.S. After we have completed our online purchases, we have to email our purchase invoice(s) to vsHub. Every merchant shipping e-notifications or delivery orders also must be emailed to vsHub, once our items have been shipped out by the merchants.

Arrival of purchased items at vsHub's U.S. address

When we purchased item arrives at vsHub's U.S. address, we will receive a notification by email from vsHub. Next, login to vsHub using our membership account and simply choose whether we would like the item to be shipped to our doorstep immediately, either via Express (1-2 working days) or Standard (6-8 working days), or whether you would prefer to have vsHub hold the item for you to consolidate your shipment (if you have multiple orders).

Storing items at vsHub for first 30 days is free. A storage fee of RM 25 per week will be charged for storage beyond those 30 days.

Delivery to your doorstep

Delivery invoice will be emailed (shipping charges, insurance and storage fees if applicable) within 24 hours with details of our delivery. After payment has been made, vsHub will then send our shipment immediately.

vsHub currently delivers to all addresses in Malaysia and Singapore. Alternatively, we can choose to collect our items from vsHub collection points in Singapore.

vsHub membership is free. Customers will be charged based on packaging's weight.

More information here.

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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pentium IV (4) Motherboard Is Still Available

Recently, my friend told me that his computer had a problem and want me to repair it. This computer problem occurred due to lightning. This is a normal problem to me, i'm sure his power supply part and motherboard would be defected. As a good helper ( :p ) , i still considered his financial problem.

First of all, i will check on motherboard and power supply - as i thought, all these parts was defected. Other parts still in good condition. Since he want very budgeted repairing price, i give my best to get same motherboard as match his old motherboard (socket 478). Surprisingly, motherboard P4 (Pentium IV) is still available at one computer shop only. The funny thing is this motherboard was assembled at Pakistan!!! I never heard about this.. heh

Then, i tried to fix this new motherboard. No problem. Fix all computer components and made some testings. Everything ok until POST (Power On Self Test) on boot process, aahhhh... what this error means!!!

"Auto - detecting USB Mass Storage Devices... 00 USB Mass Storage Devices found and configured."

Computer Hanging!!! I tried to relax and asked Mr Google on how to figure this error. So many solutions i found, but nothing works until i follow one solution from . I just used Secondary IDE for Hard Disk drive and CD-ROM drive. As a result, this computer back to normal and functional without any error. Hey, what about Primary IDE?? This Primary IDE slot is totally could not be used. Rugi maaaa...!!

So, the best things i want to conclude here:

1. If we want to upgrade our computer, please consider new spec especially motherboard. The best motherboard now must support Dual Core Processor, DDRII / III RAM, SATA, VSL, etc...

2. If our old computer got defected for any these three components, Motherboard / Processor / RAM , the budget price is almost to buy a new computer. All these three components must be upgraded also.

3. Try to avoid from buy any old computer parts, although these computer parts have warranty.

4. Please do not use your computer when raining or lightning occurs, also recommended to remove any plug cable or modem connections at this time.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Website Counter - StatCounter

When we talk about visitor traffics to our blog, apparently blogger will use counter service in order to track every counter on their blog. There are many counter services on internet, some are free and some are not. It's up to you if you want to use which counter is best suit to your requirement. But for me, free counter service is good enough. Oh, i want to be blunt to you, not every free internet services will give 100% free service. Normally, free is just for limited service. But if you want extra service (more setting, options), you must pay.

StatCounter is the good counter service that i want to explain now. Statcounter can provide you with quick access to some counter function on your blog. StatCounter have fulfill just right what i need. Its free. You just need to pay if you want more options (not quit useful for me actually).

More than that, statcounter have more advantage as below:

- you can display your counter or make it hidden. You can display statcounter logo only, maybe to support statcounter or want to tell your visitor that you blog have placed statcounter's cookies.

- you can block counter from certain IP. For example, you can block counter from your static ip if you want to get 100% counter is only from your visitor.

- you can easily monitor your blog's visitor by make observation on your counter statistic. You can make changes on that statistic graph as you want. Maybe you want to track unique visitor only or just want to know at certain days. Just make any changes if you want to.

- you have 500kB free storage for your cookies information for keyword analysis, visitors ip etc. If you want more storage, that's you need to pay.

Not forget to mention, when somebody open your blog/website, his computer will get little cookies from statcounter. I think this is safe cookies and it's just to get information from visitor's computer such as ip address, keyword match, unique/first time/returning visitors, etc. I have placed statcounter's logo in order to let my blog visitors know that my blog will give cookies from statcounter.

If you want to use StatCounter, please register first at . Click on "add new project" in order to place counter on your blog. Then you will be given some option and setting to make your statcounter script. For example, what is your blog/website address, option to display/hide your counter, etc. I am pretty sure all these settings are very simple for any blogger.

For more information about StatCounter, you can visit here.

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