Monday, July 27, 2009

vsHub - Virtual Shopping Hub

Do you ever heard about vsHub? If you like to go on online shopping, well this is good company that you should know. vsHub, Virtual Shopping Hub provides delivery services for any tangible items that we have bought from United States. This company is located at Singapore, and will represent as buyer at US.

vsHub will make our online shopping at US very easy and we will get our purchased items delivered to our home! There are so many online shops / merchants at US, eg: Amazon, Coach, Forever21, Gap, Macys, etc..

Please understand about delivery process first as explained below:

Shop from any of the 300,000 online stores in the U.S.

Many of these American retailers do not ship to addresses outside of the U.S.. We need to have a U.S. shipping address to begin shopping. Just use our vsHub's U.S. address provided when we register as vsHub member. As a vsHub member with our own U.S. address, we can shop at any of the 300,000 online stores in the U.S. After we have completed our online purchases, we have to email our purchase invoice(s) to vsHub. Every merchant shipping e-notifications or delivery orders also must be emailed to vsHub, once our items have been shipped out by the merchants.

Arrival of purchased items at vsHub's U.S. address

When we purchased item arrives at vsHub's U.S. address, we will receive a notification by email from vsHub. Next, login to vsHub using our membership account and simply choose whether we would like the item to be shipped to our doorstep immediately, either via Express (1-2 working days) or Standard (6-8 working days), or whether you would prefer to have vsHub hold the item for you to consolidate your shipment (if you have multiple orders).

Storing items at vsHub for first 30 days is free. A storage fee of RM 25 per week will be charged for storage beyond those 30 days.

Delivery to your doorstep

Delivery invoice will be emailed (shipping charges, insurance and storage fees if applicable) within 24 hours with details of our delivery. After payment has been made, vsHub will then send our shipment immediately.

vsHub currently delivers to all addresses in Malaysia and Singapore. Alternatively, we can choose to collect our items from vsHub collection points in Singapore.

vsHub membership is free. Customers will be charged based on packaging's weight.

More information here.


e said...

kekadang best jugak beli barangan dariU.S.Barangan dia ader yang rare yang sini xder jual.

sufian said...

ye, kalu nak beli jangan lupa ambil kira currency value dan delivery cost...
kalu orang bisnes, dua perkara ni je dah bleh naikkan keuntungan dia..

ps: musim berkursus dah kembali lagi,..nasib baik kat sini ada gak internet..

Anonymous said...

bagus ke kalau beli online? banding dengan barang yang dah import kite beli dekat malaysia?

sufian said...

depends pada masing2..

kalau saya, hanya beli jika memang tak dapat kat malaysia dan harga murah sangat.
tapi kalau dah ada depan mata dan setakat mahal sikit je, baik beli dekat malaysia je..

macam mr e kat atas tu cakap, ada certain goods kalau kita nak, terpaksa beli online..

Anonymous said...

Boleh trust ker?

sufian said...

belum cuba lagi..
tapi vshub ni popular kat singapore..

Anonymous said...

VSHUB .... oh VSHUB ....
SCAMMER jugak ker VSHUB nie ??

Laptop S10 dengan accessories yang aku beli, lesap tanpa kabar berita oleh VSHUB ....

Setelah 5 bulan .... tak taulah VSHUB pakai apa untuk hantar barang2 tu .... pakai kapal selam agaknya .... tu yg menyelam skali ngan bungkusan tu .....

sufian said...

ni 1st time dengar camni..syarikat ni kat singapore..sebelum ni banyak iklan kat internet, cth nuffnang..ingatkan ok je..

vshub victim said...

Yes, vshub is a scammer.
they wont reply your email anymore after you pay.
they wont take your call too.

they just keep quiet and take your goods.

sufian said...

i don't know what to say..some people trust vshub, and some not...honestly, i never use it..

but please stay away if you are not confident about this careful and protect your money before it too late..

or else, try call vshub service center to test their service..

anie said...

vsHub is legit. I have shipped many items using their services for myself, family members and friends. So far they have delivered. Only one time, some of my items went missing. Their customer service wrote to me saying that one of the Nationwide staff stole my items. But I got my full refund.

lin said...


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