Friday, October 9, 2009

Protect Email From Spammer

Sales Letter or News Letter makes us keep up to date with interesting blogs, websites or products. Anyone have freedom to subscribe any news letter as many as he want. Normally, we just concentrate to stay subscribed with the most relevant news letter with our interest.

When we have decided which news letter to unsubscribe, we can just click on "unsubscribe" link at below of the news letter. After that, we should not receive anymore email according to these news letters. But sometimes it can't work. We still received these news letters. Maybe those news letter's senders does not follow the subscribing etiquette!

So we must make some setting on our email in order to stop receiving these news letters. I just give setting example on yahoo email. Maybe other emails have similar setting. We also can do this setting in order to protect our email from any unique spammer.

1 - Go to "Spam" folder. View the spam emails. Copy their emails. Click on "Edit Setting".

2 - Go to "spam" at left corner.

3 - Add all these spam emails.

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e said...

yahoo dan google ni agak kurang sedikit mslh spam
kena jaring lagi teruk

sufian said...

email yg lain tu, ada yg baru kena hack lagi..
(sila baca artikel lepas ni)..

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