Thursday, October 22, 2009

Micheal Jackson Domain Name

As one of Michael Jackson’s fans, i also feel sad about his death. But for domain name seller, this is a big opportunity to generate more incomes. When i know about Michael Jackson death news, i saw so many domain seller try to make auctions on domain names based on Michael Jackson. Surprisingly, the demand is not bad!

I can’t list all of these domain names because there are so many numbers of it. I just want to go detail on this domain name.

Domain Name: (Rest In Peace Michael Jackson)

Auction Place : Ebay

Auction Duration : More than 7 days

Bids Count : 21

Auction Views : 4904

Last Bid Price : $1,025.00

This realized me that Michael Jackson are still important person to his fans. I believed this domain name will be developed by Michael Jackson’s fan for tribute purpose.

But for domain names seller, they will waiting for other celebrities die and grab relevant domain name to make easy money for that. :(

Want a proof? Please check availability for domain name ! Is this domain name is available?

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dave said...

MJ is great performer.It is sad that some domain provider making money for his death.


sufian said...

when businessman look demand opportunity, they always see money!

Anonymous said...

ya populariti
seseorang tu boleh buat duit
walapun selepas kematianya

sufian said...

utk michael jackson yg dah pergi..sedekahkan alfatihah..itu je yg bermakna utk dia..

balujan28 said...

Thanks for share interesting post. I like Jackson.

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