Thursday, December 31, 2009

How To Withdraw Paypal With Zero Fees

Paypal gives opportunity for malaysian to withdraw money other than send money by check or credit card. Malaysian now can withdraw money by using:

  1. Debit Card (eg: Maybank Debit Card)
  2. Transfer to selected bank (eg: Maybank)
We will be charged $5 (USD) if withdraw money has been done by using debit card.

If withdraw has been done by transfer to local bank, we also will be charged RM3 if withdrawal amount is less than RM400.

But if withdrawal amount is RM400 or more, by transfer to local bank, NO FEE for this withdrawal transaction. So if you want to withdraw money RM400 or more at paypal, just do it by using transfer to selected local bank. You will get clean amount in your bank account without any fees!

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enKHA said...

Better use of charge for over RM400..:-)

sufian said...

make sure that our bank information setting is correct.

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