Wednesday, December 9, 2009

How To Secure Maybank VISA Debit Card Online

Maybank VISA Debit Card provides good facilities. We also can control our budget more than credit card. We just can buy anything if we have money in our maybank account. Paypal also provide facility to withdraw our money from paypal to maybank account.

Since debit card is different with credit card, we are facing some problems instead:

1. Any chargeback are not allowed (more risks to unauthorized payment, not receive item, account hacked)

2. Risk to lose all your money in maybank account (since we could not do any chargebacks if our account has been hacked)

Steps to secure our debit card online:

1. Do not buy anything using debit card, but please use credit card. Especially for expensive items.

2. Do not leave so much money in your maybank account. Just transfer it to other bank account. Better transfer to bank account that does not use any cards.

3. Since we are not using our debit card for online purchase (maybe only use for withdraw money from paypal), please go to ATM machine

* Please make sure that our ATM card is safe at the same time.

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Aidi-Safuan said...

uiks...really???im using it since last year.and didnt knew about diz thing.

thanx for the info!

sufian said...

i'm very exited to use it, but after realize the risks..better to use credit card

zuwairiaiman said...

wah... thanks for the info appreciate it

sufian said...

please spread this information and thanks :)

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